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Patient safety first and quality always

Cathodic electrochemiluminescence (C-ECL)
that delivers real-time diagnostic result with lab quality


Core technology

Cathodic electrochemiluminescence (C-ECL)

C-ECL relates to the electrical excitation of label substance/substances by hot electrons. Reactions occur on silicon-based electrodes coated with an insulating layer and utilize the resulting electrochemilumine-scence (ECL) in analytical applications for immunoassay and genetic analysis.

The main advantages of C-ECL is ultra-sensitivity, wide range, portable, simple-use and cost-effectiveness with unique cutting-edge technology.

Also CECL can be used in many application areas: medical, food, animal, environmental, bio-defense and laboratory.

Video – LUCIA & Core technology - C-ECL
Technological overview
Benefit of POCT



Low Cost

Benifit of Big IVD machine

High Accuracy

High Sensitivity

LUCIA conbines the benefits of POCT and big IVD machines

  • Simple
    Easy to use

    intuitive user interface

    good user experience

  • Accurate
    High accuracy and precision

    less background due to time-resolved technology

    cathodic electrochemiluminescence(C-ECL) technology

  • Fast
    Fast assay results

    5 ~ 15 minutes

    all-in-one principle

  • Economic
    Competitive price

    competitive assay cost

    no installation space and experts