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Patient safety first and quality always

Cathodic electrochemiluminescence (C-ECL)
that delivers real-time diagnostic result with lab quality


Biometro is now developing multiplexing cassette as well as for single biomarkers, and the 2nd generation analyzer which can be used online and offline together.

Reader(Analyzer) – 2nd generation

Reader (LUCIA STSTEM 2nd Ver.)

Development plan

Miniaturization / concentration

Add data communication feature

Device extracting data for remote diagnosis

In process of obtaining IEC standard

Newly developed prototype : Hand-Carry type, Multi-reading, IoT Convergence model with big-data

Reader for Central Lab

Development plan

Enter into laboratory instrument market dominated by large multinational companies

Essential factor is completion of automation technology (core diagnostic technology complete)

Competitive price compared to existing systems

Hand-Held Analyzer

Development plan

An essential feature is its comfortable size(Pocket size)

Biomarker & Cassette

BiomarkersUnder developmentPlanned

  • Cardiac
    Troponin, CK-MB, hs-CRP
    Under development
  • Infection
    MxA, MxA+CRP ,Influenza
    A+B, Avian flu
    Under development
  • Sepsis
    PCT, Interleaukin-6
  • Oncology
    AFP, CEA, PSA, PSA free
  • Others Medicals
    TSH, VitD
  • Others Application
    Food, Animals, Environmental,
Cassette (Commercial Product)Development plan

CRP chip approval / market release (planning to expand to Asia Pacific from EU)

Complete development of multi test chip (targeting Cardiac disease, Sepsis, Flu, etc.
planning to expand to EU/US)

Develop multi chip with various grouping

Develop multi chip with various groDevelop for markets other than human diagnosis
- animal, food safety, drugs, other organisms, forensics, etc.uping