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Patient safety first and quality always

Cathodic electrochemiluminescence (C-ECL)
that delivers real-time diagnostic result with lab quality




  • Gil-nam Kang
    CEO of Biometro / Chairman of BOD, Labmaster

    CEO, RF Window

    CEO, Paramount Investment (HK)

    Vice President, Morgan Stanley

    MS in Operational Research from London School of Economics

  • Lee Ginhyouk

    Executive Vice President, Hana Financial Group

    Chief Representative, Credit Agricole, Korea Branch (Bank & Securities)

    MBA, George Washington University

  • Sung-hoon Yoo
    Planning Officer

    Executive Director, RF Window

    Consultant, Anderson Consulting

    SCM Manager, Oracle / P&G

R & D

  • Choong-kyung Kang
    Representative of foreign cooperation

    Professor, Department of Nano-biotronics, Hoseo University

    Pulmuone Laboratory, Samyang Genex Laboratory

    Post-doctoral degree from RIKEN in Japan, Ph.D from KAIST

  • Soko Jang
    CTO– Head of R&D

    Head, Center for Convergence Technology, Yonsei University

    Director, Research Institute for ICT Policy & Economics

    Ph.D from Yonsei University


  • Shin-soo Jeon
    Technology Advisor – Joint Research

    New Health Technology Assessment Committee, Ministry of Health & Welfare

    Head of Institute of Research & Industry Co-operation / Biomedical Engineering Institute,
    Catholic University of Korea

    Ph.D in Medicine, Catholic University of Korea

  • Sang-hee Jeong
    Technology Advisor – Joint Research

    Expert Committee on Food Safety, World Health Organization

    Holds multiple patents in development of antibodies and bio-chips

    Professor, Department of Clinical Pathology, Hoseo University

    Ph.D in Clinical Pathology, Seoul National University

  • Yong-gu Kim
    Technology Advisor – Joint Research

    Committee of Qualification for Stability and Effectiveness of Medical Device, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

    Head of Laboratory Medicine, Seoul St. Mary Hospital

    Ph.D in Medicine, Catholic University of Korea

  • Cheol-gyu Jeon
    Technology Advisor – Joint Research

    Specialist in biochip development and optical design

    Professor, Department of Optical, Electronics and Display Engineering, Hoseo University

    Ph.D from Pusan National University



  • Tony Wahrloos
    CEO of Labmaster (Head of Europe)
    / Director of Biometro

    Biomolecular Tools Finland, CEO for 14 years

    Bioactive Bone Substituent, Scientific Advisor

    Cultivation Lab., CEO

    Various publications in biochemistry

    PhD in Biochemistry, Univ. of Turku

  • Teppo Laaksonen
    Former CEO of Labmaster
    / Head of Strategy in Europe

    Business development manager, Turku Science Park

    Various responsibilities in development,
    manufacturing, marketing IVD products at Wallac

    MSc in Biochemistry, Univ. of Turku

  • Juha Lappalainen
    Chief Technology Officer

    Aboatox Oy, Managing Director

    Galilaeus Oy, Key Account Manager/Project Manager Bio-Nobile Oy, Managing Director

    Abbott Diagnostics, Sales Specialist

    PhD in Biotechnology at University of Turku, Finland

R & D

  • Timo Korpela
    Head of R&D

    International Joint Biotechnology Laboratory, Univ. of Turku, Head of Laboratory and Emeritus Professor

    Technology Research Center, Univ. of Turku, Advisor

    Skolkovo (Technology Complex in Moscow, Russia), Technology Advisor

    200+ publications, 20 reviews, 10 books, 70 patents

    PhD in Biochemistry, Univ. of Turku

  • Jarkko Eskola
    (Technology Director)

    Over 45 years experience

    Researcher and project manager in various projects, Univ. of Turku

    Project manager to develop TR-FIA, Wallac

    Project manager to develop Troponin I Assay and stabilization, Univ. of Turku

    Numerous publications and patents

    MSc in Biochemistry, Univ. of Turku

  • Sakari Kulmala
    (Technology Advisor – Joint research, Co-author)

    Aalto Univ., Professor of Biochemistry

    Research group on analytical chemistry concentrating on luminescence technique

    Numerous patents and papers on ECL technologies

    Co-Inventor of multiple Labmaster patents

  • Peter Virta
    (Hardware Design) Over 15 years experience

    Experience in quality control process
    (ISO13485, ISO9001)

    Equipment Specialist responsible for PCB design, prototype testing and design

    MSc in Electronics Design, Univ. of Turku

  • Lina Heikkinen
    Quality Manager of Labmaster.

    Over ten years’ experience in Quality of IVD manufacturing (ISO 13485, IVD Regulation and QSR).

    BSc in Biotechnology Turku University of Applied Sciences.

  • Heidi Hyytiä
    R&D manager

    Over 10 years of experience in immunoassay development (cTnI, D-dimer, PAPP-A, CA-125, lectins)

    Several peer-reviewed scientific articles

    PhD in Biotechnology, Univ. of Turku

  • Mirva Lehmusto
    Laboratory manager

    Production Chemist, Skulle Implants

    Application Scientist, Aqsens Oy

    Research Assistant, Laboratory of Biophysics

    MSc, Organic Chemistry, University of Turku