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Patient safety first and quality always

Cathodic electrochemiluminescence (C-ECL)
that delivers real-time diagnostic result with lab quality



SINCE 1985


Established in October 2015

Signed joint R&D and business agreement for medical diagnostic devices based on C-ECL with Labmaster

Biometro holds 51% of Labmaster

HQ moved to biomedical institute in St. Mary’s Hospital

Designated as a Venture company


2015 ~Application of technology and commercialization

Continued testing of C-ECL

Produced various prototype diagnostic devices and cassettes

Signed joint R&D agreement with Biometro

Acquire CE mark on LUCIA system

2006-2014 Integrating new technology and business development

Feasibility study of C-ECL for medical tests (2006)

bacteria test based on the antibody (2007)

ultra sensitive CRP (2007)

DNA hybridization assay (2008)

AFP immunoassay (2008)

Developed & produce Enterolactone, Equol, Genistein, and Daidzein based on ELISA / TR-FIA

Applied for patents and conducted clinical tests of C-ECL

1998-2005 Expanding R&D base

Started to develop cardiac markers (1998)

Produced ELISA to detect nano bacteria (1999)

Started C-ECL project (2001)

Produce soluble pyrophosphoric acid gas lyase (2002)

Produced phytoestrogen TR-FIA immunoassay kit (2002)

Completed development of Troponin I ELISA IVD kit and Euro CE certificate (2005)

Developed PCR amplifying kit (2005)

1985-1997 Initial R&D

Started production of monoclonal antibody (1986)

Produced IVD ELISA kit (Total IgE β-2-Microglobulin, Anti-gliadin IgG & IgA) (1990)

Produced OEM products (Streptavidin coated plates, DELFIA CRP kit) (1991)

Distributed autoimmune disease kit panel of Cheshire Diagnostics (1994)

Distributed osteoporosis diagnosis kit of Osteometer Biotech (1995)