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Patient safety first and quality always

Cathodic electrochemiluminescence (C-ECL)
that delivers real-time diagnostic result with lab quality

Company overview


Biometro is an in-vitro diagnostic device manufacturer serving to improve the health and well-being of people around the world.
Biometro was established in 2015, since then we strive to deliver reliable and accountable In-vitro diagnostic product through innovative diagnostic technology.
Our effort for the development of medical IVD device based on proprietary Cathodic Electrochemiluminescence (C-ECL) technology, resulted in better clinical and personal healthcare outcomes globally.


Labmaster Oy, based in Turku, Finland is focusing on delivering innovative diagnostics tools for applications in routine clinical diagnostics and research. Biometro and labmaster signed a joint R&D and business agreement. Labmaster develops and commercializes the next generation of versatile miniaturized detection tools based on its proprietary cathodic electroche-miluminescence-technology (C-ECL) over past 30 years..